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Yes, Some Storage Facilities Allow Band Practice In Units!

You were surprised to hear about a band that not only keeps its instruments and gear in a rented storage unit, but also practices there. Is that really allowed? You and your band members could certainly use a better place to practice, but you're not sure how to approach the idea of renting a storage unit for this purpose. Don't feel hesitant to call facilities; it never hurts to ask, and you may just find that perfect practice space.

Your First Step

Initially, you'll need to find out whether the storage facility owners or managers do allow units to be used for purposes other than storage, and whether they would allow a noisy activity like band practice. To stay on the safe side, check with the municipality or township whether there are noise ordinances for this neighborhood. 

Features to Look For

A Place Where Neighbors Won't Complain

Even if the facility management allows you to practice there, you'll want to evaluate the surrounding area to make sure you're not too close to residential neighborhoods. Complaining neighbors could lead to management revoking your privileges. In addition, some facilities rent units for office space. If so, you may be restricted as to the hours you can practice. 

However, some storage facilities have installed substantial soundproofing features just for this purpose. That gives you more leeway.

Fortunately, it's common for storage facilities to be situated outside of town where loud music isn't likely to bother anyone.

Climate Control

If you expect to practice throughout the winter, you'll probably want a climate-controlled unit. A garage band may practice in the garage, but trying to do so when temperatures hover around freezing -- or even colder -- makes the activity difficult. Management probably will not allow space heaters because of safety issues. 


If you plan to use the space to store your instruments, amplifiers and speakers, you'll want a facility with top-end security. That means key-code access, surveillance cameras and security alarms. 

Concluding Thoughts

Although it may have never crossed your mind that a storage unit might be rented for something other than storage, people have been finding creative ways to use these spaces. Many facility owners and managers are happy to accommodate these customers.  

Start calling storage facilities in your area and ask whether they allow band practice in any of the units. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover that some even advertise space for this specific purpose.  To learn more or ask questions, contact a company like Yellowhead Self Storage.