long-distance moves - how to pack your belongings

How To Greatly Simplify Your Move

Moving is one of the most complicated procedures that one can embark upon. This is especially true when moving to a new city. There are so many moving parts that need to be considered that it can quickly become overwhelming and lead to frustration. However, this doesn't have to be the case. There are a number of ways that you can greatly simplify the practice of moving. You don't have to be stressed out just because you're moving!

Helpful Tips to Simplify Your Move

Different tips will work for different people. Explore each of the following tips to determine if they'll work for you.  

  • Use a shipping company. This is perhaps the best way to simplify your move. Instead of relying on yourself to rent a truck and drive it to your new city, shipping companies, such as Meyers Transport Ltd, can handle all of the transportation. There are many different companies that offer slightly different services. Some of them will drop off a truck for you to fill, then they'll drive it to the new location for you. Others will show up with a moving team and help you load the truck. Some premium services will even help you pack up your house. Explore the different shipping companies in your area to see how they can simplify your move.  
  • Start packing well ahead of time. Unless you'll be using a packing service, one of the most complicated parts of the move is packing and unpacking. Some people neglect to begin packing and end up throwing everything in boxes in a rush. This results in an extremely messy situation once the boxes are moved to the new location. Don't fall for this mistake, start packing as soon as you possibly can. Even if you'll be moving in six months, you can start packing now. Start with your garage and attic, packing up things that are rarely used. The close you get to the move, start packing things you can go without. By the time you're a week away from moving, save some clothes and moving equipment. When moving day arrives, you'll be ready to get going.  
  • Color code your boxes. Even those who pack ahead of time often make the mistake of relying on a marker to label their boxes. While somewhat effective, there is a better way. Purchase different colored markers or colored stickers and use them to designate which room each box belongs in in the new house.

Combine these tips and you'll find that your move will be greatly simplified. Start looking at shipping companies, start packing and buy some color coding materials. You'll be prepped for a much more simplified move.