long-distance moves - how to pack your belongings

How To Host A Successful Packing Party Before Moving

Moving a large house or even a small apartment requires a lot of effort, making it a good idea to get outside help. If you can't afford professional movers to help with packing, consider asking a few friends and family members if they can chip in. Instead of simply using their generosity as a way to move without spending as much money, consider making packing a fun event by turning it into a party.

The following tips can help your packing party be a success.

Assign Jobs for Everyone

The easiest way to ensure that everything gets packed without any problems is by having a job for everyone who attends. A good rule to go by is having the strongest people help with moving any heavy objects and choosing children- if any attend- to help with items that aren't fragile. By having a list of jobs for each attendee, everyone will know what they'll need to do once they arrive.

Provide Plenty of Snacks and Drinks

The best way to entice your loved ones with helping you move is by providing plenty of things to eat and drink. Pizza is a popular option since it doesn't require any work in the kitchen and can be delivered anytime. For drinks, consider the age group and pick whatever you think they'll enjoy so everyone stays well-hydrated while packing.

Handle Bedrooms and Clothing on Your Own

While you may be comfortable with having your friends and family help with moving, it's often best to keep some personal things to yourself. This means packing your bedroom and clothes on your own so that nobody needs to handle your personal things.

Make Time for Unwinding Afterwards

Your party can quickly become a bore if all you do is pack the entire time. A good idea is to do some packing on your own beforehand or afterwards so that everyone can simply hang out for a portion of the party. This is a good time to play games together or reminisce if you're going to be moving a long distance. You can also have a favorite movie or TV show playing in the background.

Thank Your Guests for the Help

After you've had the help of your friends or family members with packing, it's a good idea to do a little extra to show them that you appreciate the help. Simply sending a personalized card to all the guests afterwards as a 'thank you' can help them feel good about attending and even lead to them helping you again with moving in the future.

As you prepare for an upcoming move, it's a good idea to look into the work involved with packing. By throwing a packing party, you can get the help you need to move without paying extra for movers. If you have fragile or delicate things to move, such as a piano or antique furniture, leave that to professionals such as Canadian Van Lines.