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3 Ways To Deter Moths From Your Storage Unit

Self storage units create a great opportunity for you to safely store your belongings, allowing you to reduce clutter in your home; however, your items still may be vulnerable to pests. Although they can be quite beautiful, moths do not make the best kinds of guests. Most often, moths are drawn to clothing, paper documents, and canvas artwork. They chew up your clothing and paper goods, leaving holes here and there until they look like Swiss cheese. The best thing that you can do is take steps that prevent moths from invading your self storage unit. Here are three ways to deter moths from your storage unit.

Thoroughly clean belongings before packing them.

Clothes moths are very stealthy. They have a natural aversion to light, making enclosed, dark spaces very appealing to them. It can be hard to know if you have an infestation until you notice that your clothes are being chewed up. Because of this, it can be hard to know if there are larvae or moth eggs on your clothing. Prior to packing everything up for storage, make sure that you launder and vacuum your clothing and cloth furniture. This helps to dramatically decrease the chances of you unknowingly bringing baby moths into your storage unit.

Vacuum seal and pack up clothing and artwork in bins.

One of the best ways to keep moths from damaging your clothing, paperwork, and artwork is to seal those items in airtight plastic. You can vacuum seal clothing, small pieces of artwork, and packets of documents in clear plastic bags. This leaves no room for a moth to access your belongings; further, it does not allow a moth to track the scent of your textiles. Bulkier textile items can be packed away in airtight plastic bins. It is also a good idea to use plastic bins for easy organization and stacking in your storage unit like one at Canada Storage Station Storage.

Deter adult moths with fragrant lavender packets.

Moths are guided mostly by their sense of smell. Sweet-smelling lavender is a natural deterrent of moths. Simply place packets of dried lavender in boxes and bags throughout your storage unit. This helps keep your storage unit smelling fresh and keeps moths away. This method is also incredibly inexpensive. Simply replace the packets of dried lavender whenever you visit your storage unit. Moths can also be deterred with cedar chips; this is another humane way to deal with moths that leaves a fresh scent in your unit.