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3 Ways To Dissuade Mice From Moving Into Your Self Storage Unit

Mice are cute as pets, but are unwanted and unwelcome visitors when it comes to your storage unit. It is not surprising that mice are drawn to self storage units. Your self storage unit is clean, dry, and secure; in a mouse's mind, this makes it the perfect place to build a nest and start having babies. You need to minimize your risk of a mouse infestation, but luckily you can do so by taking a few easy steps that are cheap and uncomplicated. Here are three ways to dissuade mice from moving into your self storage unit.

Make nesting materials inaccessible.

One of the first things mice look for after a food source is a cozy place to make a nest. In order to make a nest, they need to find materials. Generally, a mouse prefers to make a nest out of paper and cloth. If you have any loose documents, books, art, or clothing in your storage unit, make sure that you pack them up in an airtight plastic bin. This keeps them away from whiskered intruders and also has the added bonus of safeguarding them against mold and mildew. Cloth furniture should be covered with a tarp or plastic.

Keep your storage unit clean and tidy.

Mice are attracted to cluttered places, thinking that a maze-like environment makes for good camouflage and also full of good nesting material. Every time you visit your storage unit, make sure that you give it a good sweep to keep dust, crumbs, and hair from accumulating on the floor and especially in the corners; a mouse would likely use these in their nest. You should also arrange your boxes in an orderly manner, as this allows you to clearly see if you have any intruders lurking in your storage unit.

Use charcoal briquettes to repel mice.

Like most rodents, mice are ruled by their sense of smell. One thing that mice cannot stand is the scent of charcoal. Fill up a small bucket or trash can with fresh charcoal briquettes and leave it in the corner by near the door of your storage unit. Simply replace the briquettes every time you come by to visit your storage unit. This is a simple, effective way to repel mice. It is humane and cost effective. Plus, the smell of charcoal does not become overwhelming or unpleasant in your storage unit. Nor does the scent become embedded in your store items.

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