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Storage Units: What NOT To Store

If you're moving or have just run out of room at home, storage units are a great way to keep your belongings in a safe place for a reasonable monthly fee. Most people use these units temporarily, and keep things like furniture, bikes, or other large objects stored safely away. While you can rent a unit for as long as you like and essentially store almost anything you wish, there are definitely certain things you should not store inside of a storage unit.

Flammable or Firearms

While you can keep a gun in your storage unit, it should never be stored loaded. In some states, this can be considered a legal violation. It also poses a serious danger to others in the event your unit gets auctioned off or someone needs to gain entry in the event of an emergency. Store all guns unloaded in a locked case. Keep the ammunition locked up separately and away from all firearms. You should also never store flammable material like paints, gases, solvents, fireworks or other highly dangerous materials in a storage unit.

Living Things

It may seem obvious to most of us that pets should never be kept in a storage unit, but some people will leave houseplants or other plant life in theirs. You might not think much of it, but plants and their soil are organic material that can lead to major problems. Pests and insects will become attracted quickly to a unit with plants inside, and this can cause a serious infestation problem. They can also cause foul odors and mildew. All of these things will cause your other belongings to become ruined, and could spread to other units.


Unless you plan on using your storage unit as a pantry to retrieve food from on a regular basis, don't keep food in it. Even if the food is labeled as non perishable, extreme temperatures might cause cans or jars to bust, making a major mess and attracting rodents and other pests. Grains and rice should also be excluded. 

Wet Items

You might want to mop your storage unit down before putting things inside. If you do, allow the floor to dry completely first or you run the risk of serious odor, mold, and mildew problems. Do not leave he mop in the unit while wet either. Make sure it's completely dry, or just take it with you. If you need to use a storage unit to keep things in as a result of a flood or other water damage, don't store them until they are completely dry and safe from the risk of mold. 

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