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6 Tips For Moving During Bad Weather

It's always ideal to move when the sun is shining and the roads are clear. Ideal, but not always possible. If you're going to be moving during a stormy day, you need to take some action to protect your items. 

1. Cover Everything With a Tarp

If you're going to be using a pickup truck or similar to transport your items, you should cover everything with a tarp. Even light rain can turn heavy quit quickly, and even light rain can cause damage over time. 

2. Use Your Garage

Even if you've hired movers, there's one time that your items will become vulnerable: when being transferred from your home to the truck. Back the moving vehicle up to the garage and transfer items through the garage to ensure that they aren't subjected to rain at any time during the process.

3. Put Important Items in Sandwich Bags

Should rain affect your cardboard boxes, they won't get to your important items -- as long as they're kept safe within plastic. Sandwich bags and even gallon-sized bags can be used to further protect your more important things. 

4. Add Traction to Slick Surfaces

If you or your movers are going to be traveling through a slick or icy path, you should always add traction beforehand. Cat litter is an affordable option, as is gravel. Be careful when salting a path as sometimes the water can refreeze just as smooth and dangerous.

5. Place Towels Around Boxes in Your Truck or Van

Some water may still intrude into your vehicle, so you should place towels either under or around boxes. These will soak up any moisture that does get in before it has time to cause damage. Keep in mind that you will need to unpack your boxes quickly following transportation so that wet towels don't cause additional damage.

6. Consider Laminate Boxes

While they do cost more than traditional cardboard boxes, most moving companies offer laminate boxes that will protect your items much better. While laminate boxes certainly won't protect your boxes from an outright flood, it will resist small amounts of water.

Naturally, the best way to move during bad weather is to just leave it to the professionals. If you have a significant amount of items to move -- or if you just don't want to brave the slick streets -- look into hiring a professional moving company. They will also be able to give you tips regarding the care of your items.