long-distance moves - how to pack your belongings

Reducing Chaos On Moving Day

If you anticipate the arrival of a moving company to help with the transport of your items from one home to another, you most likely anticipate a day full of chaos as well. While moving day is an exciting time full of activity, you can keep stress levels at a minimum by preparing for the day in advance. Here are some ways you use to keep moving day productive without too many mishaps in the process.

Take Adequate Breaks

When the moving company is at your home, you will most likely jump right in with showing workers which items are fragile and which ones should be moved first. While overseeing the operation may give you a sense of peace, you can quickly become worn out from keeping tabs on your belongings. Make sure to take several breaks throughout the day to give yourself periods of non-stressful time. Offer drinks or snacks to the movers so they can have restful breaks during the process as well. Even a few minutes without moving will keep everyone productive without wearing out prematurely from stress.

Prepare Pets And Children

When the moving company arrives, it is best that pets and children are kept out of the main area. This way no one will become injured and there is no risk of a pet getting outside. Have someone come to your home to babysit children in a room away from the hoopla. Contain pets in one room of the home and place a sign on the door alerting the moving service workers not to open the door as there are pets inside. If you can send children and pets to someone else's house for the day, this would be an even better solution in keeping chaos at a minimum on moving day.

Stack Items Around Perimeters

As you package your items for moving, place them along the perimeters of the main rooms in the home. Consolidating items on only one floor of the home is a great way to reduce the amount of time the moving service will need to pack the truck or van for the ride. It is also easier to find things if you need to use them again before moving day. 

Keep larger items in their original rooms so you do not become injured moving them yourself. These can be moved into the moving vehicle first. Having the other items out of these rooms will make it easier for the large items to be removed as well. Keeping the middles of rooms free of clutter will make it easier for workers to get around and they can utilize this area for readjusting the weight of larger items if necessary.