3 Ways To Deter Moths From Your Storage Unit

Self storage units create a great opportunity for you to safely store your belongings, allowing you to reduce clutter in your home; however, your items still may be vulnerable to pests. Although they can be quite beautiful, moths do not make the best kinds of guests. Most often, moths are drawn to clothing, paper documents, and canvas artwork. They chew up your clothing and paper goods, leaving holes here and there until they look like Swiss cheese. [Read More]

How To Host A Successful Packing Party Before Moving

Moving a large house or even a small apartment requires a lot of effort, making it a good idea to get outside help. If you can't afford professional movers to help with packing, consider asking a few friends and family members if they can chip in. Instead of simply using their generosity as a way to move without spending as much money, consider making packing a fun event by turning it into a party. [Read More]

How To Greatly Simplify Your Move

Moving is one of the most complicated procedures that one can embark upon. This is especially true when moving to a new city. There are so many moving parts that need to be considered that it can quickly become overwhelming and lead to frustration. However, this doesn't have to be the case. There are a number of ways that you can greatly simplify the practice of moving. You don't have to be stressed out just because you're moving! [Read More]

3 Benefits Of Renting A Storage Unit For Your Band

When you think about investing in a storage unit, you probably think about doing so to store household items when organizing your home, moving or traveling. Although storage units are obviously handy for this purpose, however, you should think outside of the box when thinking about their potential uses. For example, if you are a part of a band, you could find a storage unit to be very handy. These are some of the main benefits of renting one of these units. [Read More]