Tips For Safely Moving Appliances

When it comes to moving, moving your appliances will be on your list. These could be your larger items, like fridges and freezers, or you may worry about moving your microwave, coffee machine, and halogen oven. Just how can you move them to avoid injury and breakages? Here are four tips to help. Allow a Complete Defrost When moving your fridge and freezer, make sure you allow them to defrost completely before the move.

Reducing Chaos On Moving Day

If you anticipate the arrival of a moving company to help with the transport of your items from one home to another, you most likely anticipate a day full of chaos as well. While moving day is an exciting time full of activity, you can keep stress levels at a minimum by preparing for the day in advance. Here are some ways you use to keep moving day productive without too many mishaps in the process.

5 Ways to Determine Which Large Items You Should Bring during Your Move

Moving can be a difficult time for practically anyone, regardless of how prepared you may be, due to the amount of items you need to make arrangements for. If you have a lot of larger items that you are responsible for and are interested in moving, such as a refrigerator or flat-screen television, you need to first consider if they are worth bringing along. With the following tips in mind, you can then move forward with getting all of your larger items packed for the upcoming move.

How To Avoid Bringing Pests With You During Your Move

If you are planning on moving to a new home, make sure you don't bring along any unwanted guests. Unfortunately, if you are moving a lot of cardboard boxes and pulling items from your storage unit, you might be bringing spiders, bed bugs, and cockroaches with you. Here are some tips to prevent this: Use New Cardboard Boxes A lot of pests will hide in your cardboard boxes, so this is the first thing you should check.

6 Tips For Moving During Bad Weather

It's always ideal to move when the sun is shining and the roads are clear. Ideal, but not always possible. If you're going to be moving during a stormy day, you need to take some action to protect your items.  1. Cover Everything With a Tarp If you're going to be using a pickup truck or similar to transport your items, you should cover everything with a tarp. Even light rain can turn heavy quit quickly, and even light rain can cause damage over time.

3 Eco-Friendly Moving Tricks

If you're planning for an upcoming move, you've got a lot to think about and plan for. Aside from getting your belongings packed up, you've also got to find a moving company, get your utilities transferred, and deal with a number of other aspects of your relocation. With so much to think about, it can be easy to overlook the negative impact your move can have on the environment; just think about all those foam peanuts and cardboard boxes that'll be disposed of after your move.

Storage Units: What NOT To Store

If you're moving or have just run out of room at home, storage units are a great way to keep your belongings in a safe place for a reasonable monthly fee. Most people use these units temporarily, and keep things like furniture, bikes, or other large objects stored safely away. While you can rent a unit for as long as you like and essentially store almost anything you wish, there are definitely certain things you should not store inside of a storage unit.

3 Ways To Dissuade Mice From Moving Into Your Self Storage Unit

Mice are cute as pets, but are unwanted and unwelcome visitors when it comes to your storage unit. It is not surprising that mice are drawn to self storage units. Your self storage unit is clean, dry, and secure; in a mouse's mind, this makes it the perfect place to build a nest and start having babies. You need to minimize your risk of a mouse infestation, but luckily you can do so by taking a few easy steps that are cheap and uncomplicated.

3 Ways To Deter Moths From Your Storage Unit

Self storage units create a great opportunity for you to safely store your belongings, allowing you to reduce clutter in your home; however, your items still may be vulnerable to pests. Although they can be quite beautiful, moths do not make the best kinds of guests. Most often, moths are drawn to clothing, paper documents, and canvas artwork. They chew up your clothing and paper goods, leaving holes here and there until they look like Swiss cheese.

How To Host A Successful Packing Party Before Moving

Moving a large house or even a small apartment requires a lot of effort, making it a good idea to get outside help. If you can't afford professional movers to help with packing, consider asking a few friends and family members if they can chip in. Instead of simply using their generosity as a way to move without spending as much money, consider making packing a fun event by turning it into a party.